Mr. Danson Muchemi, Founder of JamboPay an online payment systems.

Danson Muchemi CEO Jambopay
Danson Muchemi CEO Jambopay

Mr. Danson Muchemi, the successful practitioner of online payment systems, speaks at Power Forum.

This is the success story of  e-commerce, since its integration to mobile payments, as well told  by Danson Muchemi, CEO Webtribe and Jambo Pay.

“E-Commerce, driven by such factors as the need to enhance customer experience, convenience, high availability, digital convergence, customized products for clients or  demands for faster turnaround times, could not be the success it is today without mobile payments,” thus goes the core of  Muchemi’s position.

Mobile phones are the now preferred means for online transactions vis-a-vis  card based systems as, Mr. Muchemi articulated, the already existing infrastructure in mobile networks and the large market in mobile telephony usage facilitates the same.

More-over, increased accessibility to Internet through mobile devices, a maturing market with increase in mobile applications (both USSD and Apps), were among the reasons given for the inevitability of relying on mobile payments, which now power the e-commerce sector more efficiently.


However, the wonderful message would have not settled well in the minds of the active listeners, had the presenter not touched on these two points:

Mobile  based transactions are comparatively highly secure and that an increasingly interconnected information grid, allowing buyers and sellers to access information instantly, makes the case for mobile payments much stronger.

But to get much ahead in the world of e-commerce, anyone was advised, they had to subscribe to Jambo pay services as ‘Merchants’ or ‘Agents’, at fair rates. It also does not matter whether one just wants to pay their bills: one can do it effectively via many mobile money transfer options the Jambo Pay system offers.

Why, Jambo Pay is an aggregation of multiple channels for payment including all mobile payment channels. It is accessible through multiple browsers, USSD or mobile apps.

And just in case we wish to remove all reasonable doubt, we will do well to check with Nairobi City County and/or Nairobi  Water as they were presented as just two among the many  users of Jambo Pay.


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